"So here's the deal..."

This site was conceived as an online version of an imaginary quarterly journal. We are open to contributions from anyone who has anything interesting to say about the music of Frank Zappa, but to help focus minds and ensure that people a) have a point to make and b) get to it, all texts submitted must be between a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1500 words. That means we'll all get something to chew on without getting bored. You are free to contribute a text in any language, but as this is an international platform (and Zappa's own language was English) you must attach an English translation in order to be published. Pieces may be pseudonymous, anonymous or nonymous, but should be supplied with a title. We're not as interested in who you are, as what you have to say.

As of December 2012, the site has been updated quarterly on December 21, March 21, June 21 and September 21 each year. Any future updates will also occur on one of those days. Submissions should ideally be received by the start of the month prior to publication. The intervals between each issue are to allow people time to compose considered responses to previously published pieces. Robust discussion of issues is encouraged, but we reserve the right to withhold any submissions that are defamatory and/or merely deranged. We're fine with demented, though. All texts will be published without alteration unless otherwise advised. To submit, make your way to THE BLANK PAGE, enter your text, and poot forth. Comments, suggestions and requests may also be sent by the same means, but will not be responded to or published unless deemed appropriot. This is not a blog.