"We are making a quilt... really, trust me!"

A consensus emerged from the 20th Zappanale in Bad Doberan that most of the people who come there just might have something to say, if only they had a place to say it. Ours is no ordinary addiction, after all. We do not come to worship at the Stucco Shrine merely to sing along to some catchy tunes. Many of us have had life-changing experiences at the hands of the Man with the Imperial. His music is not just the soundtrack to our lives, it's a recipe for clearer vision, a tool to crush all boxes, an invitation to question everything that's ever bin. You cannot be a Zappa fan and remain the same; the essence of the experience is outgrowing the ordinary.

And yes, there are websites which already offer blogs, fora, fawna, and similar opportunities for online exchanges of information, adulation and insult. They too have their place in the universe. But there's hitherto been no easily-accessible international platform for people to unveil more thoughtful diagnoses of their Holy Disease, to talk about how and why the music inspires them, and encourage others to have their say. For no matter how many times you go back and hear the music, there's always another insight to be had, another connection to be made, another revelation lurking in plain sight to blow the top of your head off - like the moment you realize that the Big Nanook Motif is none other than a quote from Lionel Hampton's 'Midnight Sun'. And we all want to know.

So we've been collecting small articles of intellectual underclothing. Things you'd always thought, but never had the opportunity to tell the world. Think of it as a patchwork of 'canards du jour'. As long as it's had skidmarks, we've been interested. It may have been the smallest detail, a new musical quote or reference you've noticed that thrills you. Or a whole new angle on what Zappa's music is, or means to the world. And anything in between. There's been no agenda, other than to promote further discussion and understanding - and to talk in public about why we love this man's music, and why we keep on listening to it. If we are the other people, you're the other people too. This have been a way to get to you.